Home Review Tribest Slowstar SW 2 in 1 Masticating Juicer Review

Tribest Slowstar SW 2 in 1 Masticating Juicer Review

Tribest Slowstar SW 2 in 1 Masticating Juicer Review

Looking for a versatile and high quality two in one juicer for your kitchen?

Opt to the Tribest two-in-one Masticating Juicers without any hesitation or confusion now!

The elegant and sleek masticating juicer indulges all quality features and specifications in making the product stand out in the crowd to act as the better one. In this article, let’s deal with the Vertical Slow Juicer from one of the efficient manufacturer Tribest, their features and much more in depth.

Tribest Vertical 2 in 1 Masticating Juicer Overview

Getting the vitamin and nutrients can be achieved if you have an excellent juicer in your kitchen. The Slowstar masticating juicer is that designed to be elegant with a fashionable and attractive red & black finish, therefore the best fit for your modern kitchen and you need not hide them in your cabinet or under the counter as they provide a fascinating appearance in your kitchen.

The vertical design model is developed to work slowly and includes a single auger to extract the juice from any hard or soft veggies and fruits. They can accommodate any abundant vegetables, fruits, berries, leafy greens namely spinach, kale, etc. Check out the Top Masticating Juicers here.

The Powerful Features of Tribest Slowstar

Proceed below to check out the various qualities of the Tribest Slowstar Masticating Juicers in detail.

Slow Speed

The maximum attention is provided for every bite of your vegetables and fruits, and this is possible with its auger working with slower 47 RPM, and the auger is about 200 watts. The amount of torque can be increased with its 3 part gear reduction which efficiently finds the amount of force needed for extraction.

The decrease in the heat protection reduces the oxidation level and also creates less foam, the freshness of the juice you obtain from this tribest masticating juicer is of high quality when compared to other juicers in the market.

Mincing Attachment

If you need to make use of your juicer to make other desserts or items like nut butter, sauces, pates, sorbets, then you can use the mincing attachment, and this is the reason why this model of tribest is 2 in one juicer.

Splendid Auger Design

The double-edged auger that comes with dual blade helps in increasing the ability of the juicer to cut the vegetables and fruits to extract the juice; this also acts as the reasons for generating less pulp and more liquid. Few other juicers will need a filter to reduce the pulp and increase the amount of juice.

Spout Cap

The spout cap is designed to the juice spout to attract the consumers, the functions of these spout cap are many. It helps in eliminating or reducing the dripping which is often seen at other juicer types. Apart from that, the spout cap helps to mix juice in your juicer, and therefore sauce can be prepared quickly without blending often.

Other Features

The juicer upper portion can be disassembled quickly and can be fitted in after cleaning; there are various tools for cleaning like brushes to clean the inner parts of the screen. You can just wash them in the sink, and this is possible as there are no chances for cross flavoring. The base and the motor is designed to be heavy and also made of high-quality materials so that they ensure the durability of the masticating juicers.

The Price Range of Tribest Masticating Juicers

The range may vary depending on the advanced features and other specifications, due to the popularity the price often gets changed. You can check the present price range of the tribest two-in-one masticating juicer from the button below.

What is the view of customers about the product?

Our professionals after hearing out the most of the customer’s reviews, ratings, etc., we have seen the number of positive experience and comments when compared to the negative reviews.

What customer liked in Tribest SW 2000 Masticating Juicer?

Most of them appreciated their speed as the reduced oxidation on other masticating juicers would turn it around just at 80 RPM, but the oxidation gets reduced at 40 RPM while considering the Tribest slow star masticating juicers. If so, the amount of juice extraction will be higher with less pulp which increases the nutrients and vitamins in the juice.

Few other customer loved their compact, elegant look; the smaller space means you can place it any part of your kitchen. The features make more convenience to the people who have small kitchens. The double-edged auger design was liked by most of the people as they tend to create more juice and also cut any vegetables and fruits easily for juice extraction.

The low water content food like wheat grass, parsley, kale also can be cut easily with this tribest masticating juicers, and this is also one of the reasons for the preference. Some people liked them because the juicers were environment-friendly and straightforward to clean.

What Consumers Disliked in the Product?

There were some features that people did not like in the tribest masticating 2 in 1 juicer. They complained that the food chute was made smaller when compared to other masticating juicers and therefore you need to cut your veggies and fruits into smaller pieces for crushing juice.


The Tribest two in one masticating juicer is the best pick if you need a versatile juicer with the high yield of juice for any dense foods. The excellent features like dual blade auger, powerful motor, elegant design, stable and durability of the product make the product worth buying.

Any ideas, suggestions, and queries on the Tribest Slowstar two in one Masticating Juicers are welcome.

Have you used the juicer before? If so, share your experience through the comment section below.


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